21 May 2018 - 09:38
Out at sea, a scientist holds a plankton sample up to the light and observes the shimmering contents. This sparkling spectacle is caused by thousands of microscopic organisms living at the sea...
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21 Mar 2016 - 10:13
Deep below the ocean’s surface are hydrothermal vent fields, or submarine hot springs that can reach temperatures of up to 400 °C....
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8 Jan 2015 - 13:15
It is no secret that typhoons are capable of churning the seas and wreaking destruction. But it is tough to examine what exactly happens during a typhoon, particularly in the ocean. The Okinawa...
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7 Jan 2015 - 18:20
Researcher Mary Grossmann identified more than fifty thousand plankton images. This figure shows the diversity of her findings, including diatoms (c), radiolarians (d), copepods (f), isopods (g),...
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Mary Grossmann
7 Jan 2015 - 18:11
Mary Grossmann looks at a jar of plankton she collected on a recent cruise.
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Surviving Typhoons
7 Jan 2015 - 18:06
Grossman found an amphipod (pictured at left), and then found one inside of a translucent chaetognath (pictured at right) during a feeding frenzy in one of the typhoons. The chaetognath runs from top...
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26 Nov 2014 - 10:21
The deep ocean seems so remote that it is difficult to imagine any sort of human-generated change making an impact on deep-sea life. It is even more difficult to collect or examine evidence from the...
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Neoverruca Population
26 Nov 2014 - 10:18
A population of Neoverruca barnacles in their deep sea ecosystem (Photo: JAMSTEC).
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Map of Ocean Troughs
26 Nov 2014 - 10:16
A map that Yuichi Nakajima created to show the two sampling sites, each marked in red with a small circle.
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Barnacle Species
26 Nov 2014 - 10:12
Two Neoverruca barnacles. The white scale bar measures one centimeter in length. (Photo: Hiromi Watanabe and JAMSTEC)
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10 Oct 2014 - 17:28
New research has been published in Marine Biology on the long term population dynamics of the Crown-of-Thorns...
Type: News Article
10 Oct 2014 - 11:42
Masako Nakamura displaying juvenile Crown-of-Thorns at OIST.
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