Future Plans

Campus Village

Upon completion, the Campus Village will provide housing and related community facilities for up to 50% of the total university population. OIST is developing the Village under a public-private partnership (PPP) with a commercial developer, under the terms of which the developer will build and operate the facilities on OIST's behalf for 30 years.

A range of housing types are being built, including shared and single apartments for students and postdocs, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments for postdoc couples and families, and family houses, principally for faculty.

The first stage of the Village construction was realized with the completion of the Village Center - a four story complex with apartments on the upper floors and common facilities on the ground floor - and several faculty hillside houses. A temporary, prefabricated building to house the Child Development Center's Tedako pre-school opened in January 2013 in preparation for a permanent structure, and future phases of housing development are being undertaken to accommodate demand as the campus population grows.

An overview of the Main Campus, showing the Village Center Zone and Faculty Housing. Click for larger image.

Village Zone (January 2013)
Faculty Housing Hillside (January 2013)

2LDK faculty house.
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3LDK faculty house.
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Village Zone

A closer look at the planned Village Zone. Click for larger image.

Village Center

The four-story Village Center has common and community facilities on the ground floor and one- and two-bedroom apartments above.

Additional apartment housing blocks of two- and three-bedroom apartments surrounding a landscaped garden are being constructed to the East and West of the Village Center.

Village West (January 2013)
Village East (January 2013)

1LDK and 2LDK students and post-doc apartments.
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3LDK family apartment.
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