How to Get to OIST from Naha Airport and Southern Okinawa

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OIST access map

By bus from the southern and central parts of the main island

Local buses at Naha Airport depart from Domestic Terminal and stop at the International Terminal. The ticket fare is paid directly to the bus driver when leaving the bus. Please note that you cannot pay with 10,000JPY/5,000JPY bills.

Bus drivers do not speak English. Take a paper ticket (jousha-ken) when you get on the bus. A pre-recorded announcement for each bus stop will be made in Japanese. Push a near-by button to tell the driver you want to get off the bus. Check the display near the driver with your jousha-ken number for the actual fare.

How to ride a local Japanese bus

Expressway Bus #111, #117 "Kousoku Bus" and OIST Shuttle or Taxi

  1. Get on Bus #111 "Kousoku Bus" bound for “Nago Bus Terminal” at Naha Airport bus stop No. 2.
  2. Get off at Ishikawa IC. The bus takes 1 hour from Naha Airport to Ishikawa IC and costs about 1,400 JPY.
  3. From Ishikawa IC, please use the free OIST Shuttle Bus if available. If the OIST Shuttle Bus is unavailable, please call a taxi, which will be about 1,600 JPY from Ishikawa IC to OIST.

Naha Airport Limousine Bus to Hotels Near OIST

As of April 1, 2017, the Airport Limousine Bus no longer stops at OIST. It takes about 90 minutes from Naha Airport to hotels in Onna Village.

Naha Airport Limousine Bus ticket sales, schedules, and fare tables

Local Bus #120 "Nago Nishi Kuukou Sen"

  • Bus #120 leaves from Naha Airport bus stop No. 3. It takes about 2.5 hours get to OIST and the fare is about 1,400 JPY.
  • For the OIST Main Campus, get off at the bus stop "Daigakuin Daigaku Mae" and walk 15 minutes up the hill.
  • To get to Seaside House, get off at the bus stop "Seaside House Mae".
  • We do not recommend using Bus #120 to go back to Naha Airport, due to heavy traffic on Route 58.

By car from the southern and central parts of the main island

Using the Okinawa Expressway toll road (about a 60 minute drive from Naha Airport)

  1. Exit the toll road at the Yaka Exit.
  2. Turn left at the T-junction after passing the toll booth.
  3. Go through the tunnel.
  4. Turn left at the "Onna Higashi" intersection.
  5. At the '"Onna Minami" T-junction, turn left onto Route 58, toward Naha.
  6. To get to Seaside House, drive 600m ahead, and it will be on the right-hand side. The Seaside House is a white building right next to the sea.
  7. To get to the main campus, turn left at the first traffic light. There is a small, white, Japanese sign above the road at the intersection which contains the letters "OIST".
  8. Going up the hill, you will see the letters "OIST" on the hill. Take a left to follow the road up the hill to the campus.

Using Regular Roads (no tolls)

  1. Travel north on Highway 58
  2. At the intersection "Nakadomari", there are two roads intersecting route 58. Take the "South Onna Bypass" by turning onto the road branching at a 45-degree angle northward from route 58. There is a large billboard describing the bypass.
  3. The bypass ends at a T-junction, and on the right, you can see the letters "OIST" on the wall at the base of a hill. Turn right to go up the hill to the main campus.
  4. To get to Seaside House, turn left at this T-junction, go down the hill to the traffic light, turn right onto Highway 58, and Seaside House will be a large white building on your left about 800m down this road.