Working From Home

From Monday, April 13, 2020 we will ask OIST managers to arrange more ‘home office’ working within their sections.

Significantly increased ‘home office’ working will be in place for the next two weeks and then reviewed. Having more of our staff working on a ‘home office’ basis will strengthen the social distancing measures required.

‘Home Office’ work is manager approved. It also requires use of an OIST-issued device with an agreed level of IT Security.

Our HR team is finalizing arrangements with Temp Agencies to permit ‘Home Office’ working by Temp Staff whose work is  supervised by OIST managers. We will write to your managers with HR and IT guidance on ‘Home Office’ work supervision.

IT Information and Assistance

The IT Division has updated its guidance on working off-campus to include the collaboration tools (Zoom, Email, etc) available to support you should you need to work remotely.

IT will enforce self-service password recovery options starting next week, making password reset simpler for remote users. This service allows OIST users to set account recovery options and security questions, change their password, and recover their accounts in the case the password is forgotten. Starting next week you will be promoted to set self-service password recovery options if you have not done so already. Further guidance will be given via Tida and email early next week.

Working Off-Campus (Remote Work)



OIST Password Self-Service



As a reminder: all staff who work from home must do so after (1) writing to their manager to formally request to work from home, (2) receiving written permission from their manager to work from home, (3) working with their manager to develop an agreed plan for how appropriate work will be accomplished from home, and (4) recording their work from home correctly on their HEART timesheet. If working from home is due to home quarantine, staff must complete this form, and managers must advise the Health and Safety Office (, on a weekly basis, of the number of staff in their section who are observing home quarantine and why. Overtime is not permitted while staff work from home.