Travel and OIST Guests

All travel by OIST staff, community members, and visitors should stop.

Anyone coming or returning to OIST after international travel will now have to home quarantine 14 days upon arrival in Okinawa before they can come to OIST campus and will have additional quarantine requirements at their port of arrival into Japan.

All international conferences and workshops hosted at OIST are now cancelled or postponed until August 31.

Guidelines for OIST Travel


  • International business travel to and from OIST is highly limited on a governmental level. Some absolutely essential travel (returning members of the institution) could still take place by special written permission from the OIST President, Provost, or Chief Operating Officer, but this is now most unlikely. Should any cases arise there will be double quarantine at the port of entry in Japan for fourteen days followed by fourteen days of home quarantine in Okinawa before access to OIST campus allowed.
  • New hires are now subject to country specific lockdowns and cannot travel. In the unlikely event of an incoming colleague even being permitted to travel in the weeks ahead, they will subject to two-stage quarantine. People offered jobs by OIST have been advised that their start date may be postponed in response to the global pandemic and current travel prohibitions.


  • The Governor of Okinawa Prefecture has advised all Okinawan residents not to travel, even within Japan.
  • Business travel by OIST staff to other parts of Japan is prohibited unless special permission is given in writing by a senior executive member of the COVID-19 management group (President, Provost, Chief Operating Officer). If any colleague is required to undertake critical business in mainland Japan (and a virtual meeting cannot be supported) they must observe 14 days home quarantine before returning to OIST. No member of OIST faculty, leadership, staff or community will be exempt from this requirement. 
  • Serious family emergencies could necessitate travel from Okinawa to other parts of Japan. This will be permitted with manager approval, but home quarantine for fourteen days will still be required upon return. You can work from home where approved, or can use carer, personal or emergency leave to cover your absence.
  • Any personal leisure travel is very strongly discouraged. Tourist amenities and accommodation even within the Okinawa Prefecture receive visitors from mainland Japan, bringing a heightened risk of infection. If you ignore this advice, undertake leisure travel, and subsequently require home quarantine, you will not be eligible for any form of paid leave if home working is not approved. 

Guidelines for OIST Guests and Visitors


  • All general visits to OIST (e.g. school visits, guided and unguided campus tours, weekend tours, group tours, community visits, delegations, conferences, workshops, cultural events, visits from the general public) are cancelled or postponed until August 31. The Community Relations Section has also suspended taking reservations with school visit reservations resuming in September 2020. 
  • Vendors, technicians, and business visitors from outside of Japan are highly limited at this point due to various international government regulations. If an absolutely essential vendor, technician, or business visitor is still able to come from outside of Japan, double quaratine is required with 14 days at the port of entry into Japan and another 14 days in Okinawa with no symptoms before they may enter any building on OIST campus. This entire quarantine period is to be paid by the unit or division.
  • Vendors, technicians, and visitors from mainland Japan are highly discouraged from coming to OIST. If a PI or manager feels the visit is essential, this vendor, technician, or business visitor will be required to home quarantine with no symptoms for 14 days away from campus (e.g. in a hotel) at the expense of the unit or division before they can enter any building on campus.
  • Vendors, technicians, and visitors from within Okinawa are highly discouraged as well in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep OIST from a lockdown situation. 
  • OIST member's family and friends are barred from coming to campus unless accessing essential services.

Guidelines for Conferences and Workshop Guests and Organizers

In response to national guidelines on the COVID-19 coronavirus issued on Feb 26, 2020, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) Conference and Workshop Section is now adopting the following measures:

International conferences and workshops organized by OIST will be canceled or postponed until August 31 and events beyond that date are under review. In addition, external organizers planning to use our facilities during this period are strongly encouraged to reconsider whether to proceed with their event in light of the request from the Japanese government.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University deeply regrets the current situation, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to curb the spread of infection.