For Students

To stay in line with the evolving OIST policies, the Graduate School will shift to more ‘home office’ working and take the following measures to support social distancing efforts at OIST.

The Graduate School counter desk remains open, but we ask students to contact us by email or phone before visiting us in person. You can find GS contact information from following link: : student welfare, housing, relocation, health, disability, childcare and safety : student travel : assistantships, allowance, tax matters, and external funding : courses, academic programs, supervisors, and teaching support : thesis examinations, thesis progress, and academic progress : professional and career development and career advice : internship program and RI to PhD pathway : PhD applications and admissions and recruiting queries : student records, certificate issuance, leave requests, and efront

Please directly come to the GS counter if it’s urgent or an emergency. Or you can write us at, or call the OIST Helpline 098-966-8989.

The Graduate School personnel will contact you if we require your physical presence to complete administrative work, such as your signature on paperwork, distribution of a New National Insurance Card, etc.

You can still come to the counter to drop off paperwork, such as change request, reports, etc., if necessary. (If sending a PDF via email will suffice, then please do so.)

There is a drop-box at the counter, so please drop off your paperwork in the box.

In all other cases, we will use phone, email or Zoom for further communication while the current situation remains the same.

Updated April 9, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

 The OIST Graduation Ceremony in May is postponed until next year. In 2021 we will combine two graduating classes at a single ceremony, which we hope will be a fully inclusive celebration of achievement.
Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent international travel bans and restrictions, the June 2020 Admissions Workshop and interviews will be conducted online. The application deadline, however, will still remain the same as advertised.
  • Email GS at to let us know if you know of any OIST student being away from Okinawa on national or international travel. 
  • For student travel plans for April, email justification and planned itinerary to GS at We won’t necessarily deny your travel request. We need to know details to determine how essential these trips are and how to support you.

Just as a general reminder, student business trips that are not reported to GS prior to departure are not covered by the Gakkensai & Gakkenbai Liability Insurance. This is true of GS-funded and Unit-funded trips. Please make sure to submit the Business Travel Form for all business trips and the Leave Request Form for all private trips. 

Times of uncertainty, such as what we are experiencing, can create anxiety and confusion. We would like to remind you to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones. OIST Ganjuu Services are available to all students. If any of you have concerns about how the current situation impacts your academic progress, we also encourage you to talk with Chiaki Chibana, the Early Intervention Coordinator. Her email is

Please immediately follow the guidance listed on the health care page and contact Student Affairs ( If there is a medical emergency, please call 119 for an ambulance (service available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)

Additionally, the Student Affairs Section will provide a room to quarantine if necessary.