For Researchers

At present, OIST remains operational – with research, education and other business including the CDC carrying on. However, should there be a case of sickness caused by a confirmed COVID-19 infection within OIST, or a rapid rise in cases with COVID-19 symptoms within the OIST community, this situation will change.
At this point, all requests to work from home should be directed to the PI of your unit.
Please visit the travel information page for the most up-to-date information.
Internal events are discouraged at this point, due to increased social distancing recommendations. Meetings of more than ten people are now prohibited, and all OIST staff are asked to avoid non-essential social contact in general both on and off campus.
All new OIST members who are still able to come from overseas are now required to quaratine at their port of arrival in Japan for 14 days. They may also be required to home quarantine for an additional 14 days in Okinawa before they come to campus.
Please contact your PI for information about the Unit Business Continuity Plan, which guides operations during a partial or complete closure.

Vendors, technicians, and visitors from outside of Japan are highly limited at this point due to various international government regulations. If an absolutely essential vendor or visitor is still able to come from oustide of Japan, double quaratine is required with 14 days at the port of entry into Japan and another 14 days in Okinawa with no symptoms before they may enter any building on OIST campus. This entire quarantine period is to be paid by the unit.

Vendors, technicians, and visitors from mainland Japan are highly discouraged from coming to OIST. If a PI or manager feels the visit is essential, the visitor will be required to home quarantine with no symptoms for 14 days away from campus (e.g. in a hotel) at the expense of the unit before they can enter any building on campus.

Vendors, technicians, and visitors from within Okinawa are highly discouraged as well in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep OIST from a lockdown situation.