Prevention Measures

Please read the following prevention guidance from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. 

For yourself, for everyone, and for your loved ones. Each of us should do what we can to protect our future.

  • Please refrain from going out as much as possible.
    • If you are forced to go out, please wear a mask.
  • Avoid the "Three Cs"! (closed spaces, crowded place places, and close-contact settings)
    • Mass infections are shown to spread in places "with poor ventilation," "where people gather and spend time together," and "where an unspecified number of people are likely to come into contact."
  • Avoid going to such places as much as possible, and if it is unavoidable, wear a mask, do your best to ensure proper ventilation, do not speak loudly, and avoid talking to others who are close enough to touch your hand. Please keep all of this in mind at all times.
  • Use proper cough etiquette (use a mask, tissue, handkerchief, sleeve, or the inside of your elbow held over your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze), and wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day.

It has been reported that about 80% of new coronavirus infections are mild, and there are many cases where the person makes a full recovery;  however, elderly people and people with underlying diseases are at risk of a more serious infection, and this risk is high. We would like to ask for your cooperation in following these preventative measures in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.