PCR Testing

Eligibility (testing is currently free until further notice)

  • OIST faculty, staff, students, and agency temp staff are all eligible for free OIST PCR Testing. We will also provide free PCR Testing to external researchers (as defined by the Dean of Faculty Affairs) – visiting researchers, visiting fellows, collaborating researchers, research consultants, and guest researchers.
  • You have to undertake OIST PCR Testing following business travel (travel paid by OIST for work purposes - international travel is not permitted)
  • New recruits joining OIST from a region of Japan affected by COVID-19 must also undertake OIST PCR Testing.
  • Personal travelers are strongly advised to undertake OIST PCR Testing when you return from a stay in a COVID-19 affected region outside of Okinawa prefecture, or when a member of your household returns from a stay in a COVID-19 affected region outside of Okinawa prefecture.
  • We also recommend OIST PCR Testing if you live in, or have visited, a US base in Okinawa and you are concerned about your health.
  • If a family member who is not an OIST employee requests to be tested due to specific health concerns, OIST can now also offer PCR testing for free as well.
  • RECENT UPDATE: If you are symptom free, but feel worried about being infected, or think you have been at risk, you can now take a test.


A PCR testing facility started operations at OIST on Monday, June 1.

We have decided to extend the period during which OIST will provide free PCR Testing for faculty, staff and students until further notice.

Colleagues should follow the steps outlined in the current OIST guidelines on PCR testing.

For more information about your work schedule during testing, please use this document.