Working From Home and Taking Leave

Information on all working arrangements, including childcare during school closure and special leave are combined and will continue to be updated under:

Working Conditions and Attendance Management Under COVID-19 [LINK]

Information on HR, IT and information security requirements for work from home has been combined and will continue to be updated under:

Work from Home for Staff and Temporary Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic [LINK]

Notice: If working from home is due to home quarantine, staff must download this form and update it daily so that it can be submitted upon request. Overtime is not permitted while staff work from home.

Additional IT Information and Assistance

The IT Division has updated its guidance on working off-campus to include the collaboration tools (Zoom, Email, etc) available to support you should you need to work remotely.

Not all staff can currently be provided with an OIST-issued laptop and/or VPN access. These resources need to be prioritized for those who need them most. IT is doing all it can to support OIST during this difficult time. Please contact to discuss any questions you may have after reading the guidance provided.

IT is also encouraging all Divisions and Research Units to provide feedback and tips in how they are coping with the transition to remote work and leveraging the tools OIST IT provides. IT has uploaded some of our experiences here: Recommendations and Feedback on Remote Work. Please send feedback based on your own experiences to and IT will upload it. Let’s support each other during this challenging time!