Campus Prevention Measures

Updated OIST COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines (13 March 2023)

Basic infection prevention measures

Everyone on campus is requested thoroughly to implement personal infection prevention measures: washing hands, and disinfecting fingers and hands. Wearing a mask is optional.

Invited Guests and Vendors

  • Official negative results of COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) for entering campus are NOT required anymore.

  • However, self-health checks (no symptoms, body temp check at the entrance) and basic infection prevention measures on campus are still required.

  • Their host (OISTers) has a responsibility to confirm them above.


  • OIST PCR Test is available for following group of people;

    • CDC staff (for protecting children)

    • OIST researchers and students who will conduct field work on a small island (for protecting the local people there).

  • OIST PCR Test is NOT required for those who return from outside Okinawa.

For details, please see --> OIST PCR Test

Antigen test kits

COVID-19 antigen test kits (non-official tool for medical diagnosis) are provided to OIST employees and students (not including families) for the time being. Please see the announcement issued by Internal Communication on November 1st to confirm how to get the kits.

Avoid the 3Cs

Wash Your Hands and Wear a Mask

5 Situations that Increase the Risk Of Infection

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