Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering Unit

Fujie Tanaka

Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering Unit

Associate Professor Fujie Tanaka

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Development of efficient chemical transformation methods and of strategies for the creation of molecules that provide desired functions impacts biomedical research and a wide array of fields that require designer organic molecules. We develop efficient, concise, safe chemical transformation methods and strategies for constructing small molecules and peptide-derived molecules bearing functional groups and/or chiral centers. We develop enzyme-like small organic molecule catalysts and peptide and protein catalysts to accelerate chemical transformations for the synthesis of functionalized designed molecules. We also develop strategies and tools for designing and selecting highly efficient catalysts and chemical transformations. To demonstrate the efficiency and usefulness of developing catalysts and reaction methods, we create functionalized molecules and their libraries of biologically interest. Through the study, we advance chemistry of catalysis and of construction of molecules and accelerate creation of molecules necessary for the investigation and control of cell functions and biological mechanisms. Our study contributes to the development of new therapeutics, therapeutic strategies, and diagnostics.