Campus Visit



Three Ways to Visit OIST

OIST offers three types of campus visit to allow visitors to better understand the research and education being done.

  • Guided Campus Tours
    For individuals and groups, reservation required
  • Unguided Campus Visits
    No reservation is required
    * The campus will be open to the public during the New Year's holidays (December 28th- January 3rd).
  • Tours for community groups, business groups, and other assemblies
    Time and date of tour must be arranged by consultation.

[About the Parking at OIST]
Since the constructions for new buildings have been conducted, the parking areas are very limited.
When you visit OIST, please ride together or charter a bus.
The parking areas will be the parking building and Jimmy’s parking.
(OIST members also use the parking building.)
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Community Relations Section

Guided Campus Tours (Reservation Required)

1. Days and Times

  • Every Monday, 13:30-14:30
  • Every Wednesday, 10:30-11:30
  • Every Friday, 13:30-14:30
    • Excluding holidays and year-end, new-years (December 29th through January 3rd).
    • The length of each tour will be approximately one hour.

2. Number of visitors per tour

  • One to fifteen people
  • * If you are making a reservation for a large group, please contact us first so that we may arrange a tour at an appropriate date and time.
  • Visitor Center

3. Scope of the Tour

  • Explanation of the institution
  • Tour of part of the facilities

4. Reservation Methods

* Regardless of the method by which you apply for a tour, please include the following information. Places for tours are limited, so OIST will contact you to confirm the reservation.

  • Full Name (in the case of a group reservation, the group representative)
  • Name of group (in the case of a group reservation)
  • Contact information (telephone number, email address)
  • The date you would like to tour OIST
  • Number of people in your group (including yourself)

5. Access

For directions to the campus, please refer to the website Access page.

6. Contact

Community Relations Section, Communication & PR Division




Unguided Campus Visits

No reservation is required. Just register at the main entrance to receive a visitor's pass and pamphlet.

  • Days and Times available:
    • Monday through Sunday (including holidays), 9:00 to 17:00
    • * The campus will be open to the public during the New Year's holidays (December 28th- January 3rd).
  • Area for unguided visitors:
    • Center Building, Level C, Center Court and surrounding area
    • Sky Walk

Unguided Visitors pamphlet (PDF)

Rules and Guidelines for Campus Visits

  1. Restrictions on Participation
    • No visitor under the age of 13 without adult supervision.
    • No visitors under the influence of alcohol or behaving in a manner that the institute considers inappropriate for the tour.
  2. Theft and Accidents
    • OIST accepts no responsibility for incidents of theft or injury that occur inside the facilities or in neighboring areas like parking. Visitors accept responsibility for their possessions and safety.
  3. Damage to the Facilities
    • At the discretion of the institute, OIST may require reparation for damage to facilities, equipment, etc. caused by visitors.