24 Feb 2014
In February 2014, Professor Noriyuki Satoh published a book “Developmental Genomics of Ascidians.”
17 Feb 2014
OIST researcher uses a computational approach in identifying proteins that will interact with potential drugs to speed up the process of drug discovery.
7 Feb 2014
OIST is pleased to welcome Professor Eliot Fried, who will head the new Mathematical Soft Matter Unit.
31 Jan 2014
An agreement of scientific and academic cooperation was concluded between OIST and the University of Tokyo.
31 Jan 2014
The first OIST Café in Okinawa kicked off on Friday, January 24.
30 Jan 2014
In 2013, a new species of goby, later named Stiphodon niraikanaiensis, was discovered in a stream on the main island of Okinawa.
27 Jan 2014
On January 17, OIST President Jonathan Dorfan and President Pan-Chyr Yang of National Taiwan University signed a basic agreement of collaboration for future scientific and academic cooperation between the two universities.
27 Jan 2014
An OIST research team is investigating solar cells based on organic materials that have electrodes both flexible and transparent, enabling the fabrication of these solar cells at a low cost.
23 Jan 2014
Researchers discover the timer that tells jellyfish when to mature.
21 Jan 2014
At OIST's first symposium of 2014, participants discussed the next generation of energy solutions, beginning with the Open Energy System.
20 Jan 2014
Dr. Shinzato and his collaborators have successfully sequenced the genetic information of the host coral and its symbionts simultaneously.
9 Jan 2014
Researchers in the G0 Cell Unit investigated what exactly happened inside fission yeast cells under nitrogen starvation.
7 Jan 2014
A new parent training program - the first of its kind in Japan – will be coming out of OIST’s Seaside House.
25 Dec 2013
Over 3000 junior and senior high school students from across Okinawa and mainland Japan visited OIST between April and December, 2013.
24 Dec 2013
Up-to-date photos of the Lab 3 construction site are now available on the OIST website.
13 Dec 2013
34 students and 5 professors from the University of the Ryukyus visited OIST on December 12.
12 Dec 2013
A task force for the Establishment of an R&D Cluster Promotion Organization for Okinawa has now been launched, and its first meeting took place at the OIST Graduate University on December 8 and 9.
9 Dec 2013
Experts with markedly different specialties worked closely at OIST to characterize the venoms of the Habu and Himehabu, two native species of venomous snakes in Okinawa.
2 Dec 2013
The J.S. Bach Concert took place on November 30th. 450 people from OIST and the public packed the auditorium.
27 Nov 2013
In a space draped with yellow curtains, a researcher dressed all in white, with only his eyes showing, is staring at a small plate, the size of a person’s fingernail. The location is a cleanroom in OIST’s Laboratory 2.