17 Nov 2014
Marianela Garcia-Munoz and Violeta Lopez-Huerta illuminate a new purpose for a receptor known to trigger cell death.
6 Nov 2014
Experts from around the world met at OIST to advise and comment on the future of Marine Science.
5 Nov 2014
Professor Robert Sinclair proposes that simple explanations can be found for complex systems in nature by using rational numbers
24 Oct 2014
Hinako Takahashi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the Environment, visited OIST to open the meeting of the International Coral Reef Initiative.
23 Oct 2014
C. M. Chandrashekar and Thomas Busch simulate the motion of a particle that can be in two or more places at once.
16 Oct 2014
A new study of lens morphology through cell proliferation is helping to understand how complex biological structures form.
10 Oct 2014
In a cooperative effort with the local fishermen, OIST researchers are studying the population dynamics of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish.
3 Oct 2014
Béatrice Lecroq examines tiny organisms called foraminifera in one of the world’s deepest ocean trenches.
2 Oct 2014
Jeong-Hwan Kim engineers a smart nanomaterial that rolls and unrolls in response to acidic or basic environments.
29 Sep 2014
Yohei Yokobayashi joins OIST to lead the new unit on Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering in an effort to understand the applications of chemistry in biological systems.
25 Sep 2014
The Japanese Cancer Association is awarding OIST Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto a prestigious award for his contributions to cancer research.
24 Sep 2014
Professor Yabing Qi and members of his research unit are using a new strategy to develop the next generation of solar cells, focusing in particular on decreasing costs.
19 Sep 2014
Professor Amy Shen develops smartgels, viscous and elastic substances with useful properties such as sensitivity to glucose spikes, which would help diabetics monitor their blood sugar.
11 Sep 2014
Newly appointed minister acknowledges interaction and interdisciplinary studies on his first visit.
2 Sep 2014
The third class of doctoral students introduced themselves to OIST and received a resounding welcome from the community.
1 Sep 2014
OIST researcher Sigita Augustinaite suggests a mechanism for how dendritic potentials in thalamocortical neurons allow visual signals to pass from retina to cortex.
26 Aug 2014
From August 18-22, over 100 students explored the world of science as participants in the Onna-OIST Children’s School of Science.
19 Aug 2014
New research from Professor Ichiro Masai points to stem-loop binding protein for cell proliferation and differentiation in living vertebrates
18 Aug 2014
The new Child Development Center is ready to replace the temporary structure that has hosted the CDC since January 2013, doubling the number of children that the CDC can accommodate to 100.
15 Aug 2014
If some microbes have the ability to kill all other microbes, how do the non-killers survive?