7 Aug 2014
OIST specialist used an ion beam to carve the logo so small that it can fit onto a grain of salt.
5 Aug 2014
Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki visits OIST to discuss her long journey of training and space travel in a talk entitled “Linking Space, People, and Dreams.”
25 Jul 2014
Panagiotis Grammatikopoulos simulates the interactions of particles that are too small to see, and too complicated to visualize.
18 Jul 2014
OIST has highly-skilled women who use their expertise to advise and support students and researchers in a wide of range of research activities.
11 Jul 2014
OIST’s new magnetic resonance imaging system allows physiological analyses of small animals.
10 Jul 2014
Dr. Yuuri Yasuoka has discovered a key mechanism in formation of the head in frogs.
4 Jul 2014
OIST has a new resident: a life-size humpback whale! On June 28, eighty children visited OIST to paint a mural of a humpback whale with Okinawan artist pokke104.
3 Jul 2014
The Computational Neuroscience Unit has enhanced their neuronal simulation program STEPS, bringing us a step closer to understanding the human brain.
25 Jun 2014
OIST researchers are developing a new drug delivery method using femtosecond lasers that allow tight control of drug release.
19 Jun 2014
X-ray micro-CT provides OIST researchers with the ability to visualize and take detailed 3D measurements of tiny structures, like the brain of an ant.
17 Jun 2014
OIST’s Ecology and Evolution Unit has developed a method to extract and sequence DNA from old and fragile museum specimens.
13 Jun 2014
OIST is welcoming Assistant Professor Julia Khusnutdinova to head a new unit called Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis.
5 Jun 2014
Professor Robert Sinclair is using mathematics in unusual places, like paleontology.
4 Jun 2014
Researchers in OIST’s Open Biology Unit are working on a physiological computer modeling platform called PhysioDesigner.
29 May 2014
A paper by Dr. Masako Nakamura of the Marine Biophysics Unit on the ecology of a deep-sea limpet called Lepetodrilus nuxon has been published in the Marine Ecology Progress Series.
16 May 2014
South African Ambassador Mohau Pheko gave the Nelson Mandela Memorial Lecture, “Can Science and Technology Promote Development and Democracy?” at OIST.
16 May 2014
Women technicians make important contributions to the research at OIST and their enthusiasm brightens up the research units.
12 May 2014
Using a technique to manipulate neuronal cell behavior, the Neurobiology Research Unit was able to show a behavior was dictated by a specific group of neurons.
9 May 2014
Transporting a nanoparticle all the way across the OIST campus from where it is synthesized to the electron microscope where it can be analyzed is tricky.