Mathematical and Computational Sciences

19 Apr 2013
Mathematics has a knack for describing the universe, so accurately that some contemporary...
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27 Apr 2012
The RMT2012 poster session...
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17 Apr 2012
Watch the video. Prof....
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23 Mar 2012
Gunnar Wilken with his new publication Researchers often have to cope with long delays...
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5 Dec 2011
“It’s mind boggling to imagine hearts pumping or the brain making decisions due to large groups of intrinsically unpredictable events,” says Assistant Professor Dr. Tatiana Marquez-Lago, who joined...
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15 Sep 2011
By Kaoru Natori From September 1st through 4th, 42 students and young scientists, mostly from the Tohoku Region hard hit by the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, participated in the...
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