15 Jan 2015
Computer simulations at OIST suggest new applications in industry by harnessing active microscopic particles in fluids.
8 Jan 2015
Mary Grossmann studied microorganisms during three typhoons to figure out what happened to the ocean’s tiny creatures when the waters churn.
24 Dec 2014
Professor Evan Economo sequenced more than three hundred ant species to unravel the evolution of one globally dominant ant genus.


21 Jan 2015
Building 3 is nearly finished, completing the first phase of the university's development.
5 Jan 2015
The Nanoparticles by Design Unit has applied for a patent for their nanoparticle crystallization method.
18 Dec 2014
On December 12-13th, OIST hosted a joint symposium with guest professors from the University of Tokyo.
16 Dec 2014
21 teams of Okinawan high school students, selected from the 31 teams that applied, competed in the 3rd SCORE! – Science in Okinawa: Research for Enterprise - contest on Saturday 13 December.