22 Aug 2014
Researchers in the Neural Computation Unit used a new technique called optogenetics to examine the brain mechanism for controlling patience to obtain a reward.
19 Aug 2014
New research from Professor Ichiro Masai points to stem-loop binding protein for cell proliferation and differentiation in living vertebrates
15 Aug 2014
If some microbes have the ability to kill all other microbes, how do the non-killers survive?


26 Aug 2014
From August 18-22, over 100 students explored the world of science as participants in the Onna-OIST Children’s School of Science.
18 Aug 2014
The new Child Development Center is ready to replace the temporary structure that has hosted the CDC since January 2013, doubling the number of children that the CDC can accommodate to 100.
7 Aug 2014
OIST specialist used an ion beam to carve the logo so small that it can fit onto a grain of salt.
5 Aug 2014
Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki visits OIST to discuss her long journey of training and space travel in a talk entitled “Linking Space, People, and Dreams.”