24 Sep 2014
Professor Yabing Qi and members of his research unit are using a new strategy to develop the next generation of solar cells, focusing in particular on decreasing costs.
19 Sep 2014
Professor Amy Shen develops smartgels, viscous and elastic substances with useful properties such as sensitivity to glucose spikes, which would help diabetics monitor their blood sugar.
17 Sep 2014
The way in which most multicellular organisms have been classified has been the same for more than a century. But new research is changing how we see classification, specifically among Chordates.


29 Sep 2014
Yohei Yokobayashi joins OIST to lead the new unit on Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering in an effort to understand the applications of chemistry in biological systems.
25 Sep 2014
The Japanese Cancer Association is awarding OIST Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto a prestigious award for his contributions to cancer research.
11 Sep 2014
Newly appointed minister acknowledges interaction and interdisciplinary studies on his first visit.
2 Sep 2014
The third class of doctoral students introduced themselves to OIST and received a resounding welcome from the community.